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Mysterious But Chic: A Little Black Townhouse in Mexico City

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A two story black stucco house occupies half its lot, lengthwise.

The other half is a side courtyard.

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Designed by DCPP Arquitectos, the very chic urban design, with its all black exterior bounced off an oiled wood doorway, suddenly gives way to a glass fronted panel revealing its white innards upstairs.

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The high wall surrounding the courtyard makes for a strangely minimal “black site.”

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The unassuming townhouse is appropriate for its very urban setting in Mexico City.

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Its long side courtyard is divided by a wooden screen, like a stage setting in an off-Broadway play.

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What it’s like to look out onto a blank black wall – though it would seem to be a novel experience – we’ll never know.

But this glimpse of the interior gives a partial sense of it.

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Looking into the very Zen view of the kitchen from the completely protected courtyard, the design suggests tranquility.

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And clearly a lot of light enters the house through these fully glazed walls.

But that’s about as much as we’ll see of the interiors, in this deeply introverted house.

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