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Lovely Minimalist Home Maximises Tiny Footprint

The Jesolo Lido Pool Villa in Italy is a great example of good design that creates many views out of few spaces.

124 architecture

Because of the small space on the lot, JM Architecture formed the house as a L shape.

The indoor living area at the bottom of the “L” has transparent sides which opens towards two different-sized patios.

142 architecture

Its central core is glazed on both sides.

171 architecture

On each side of this fully glazed space, the view out to each patio changes as the light changes.

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Floor to ceiling light-diffusing blinds can block these views, creating a completely different sense of the space.

A completely new space that includes the smaller walled garden is created with the blind up.

The largest patio hugged by the “L” is to the west, and its dramatic swimming pool takes up the entire length of the space.

The smaller patio, to the east, also features two planted inserts with another olive tree to counter balance the other side.

9 architecture

The long side of the “L” shape hugs the perimeter of the lot to enclose the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The bedroom wing presents a blank face to the pool area, with three floor to roof windows that yield no clues about the space behind them.

The light from each of these windows is filtered by a filmy light-diffusing blind.

The outdoor areas, as a client’s main request, needed to be low maintenance, so most of the surface was paved and the plants in the inserts where selected in order to live with the least care possible.

Energy-saving high standards include double glazed windows with argon gas for almost zero costs throughout the four seasons.

1112 architecture

A deep 12 foot roof overhang on the west side creates a comfortable shady outdoor porch.

On the roof, 10 kw of solar panels power all of the electrical needs of the home.

133 architecture

These include floor to ceiling motorized roller shades which disappear into the dropped ceiling for maximum continuity of indoor-outdoor areas.

Both the air-conditioning system in the dropped ceiling and the radiant floor is powered by the solar panels.


It is difficult to make every view lovely.

211 architecture

Here is a house that succeeds.


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