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Design Dilemma: Managing A Round Room

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Rooms that diverge from the usual rectangle or square are not all that common, but they exist. Frequently, you can find them in residential condo complexes and apartment buildings that have been converted over from a different use. Former churches, hospitals, schools, factories and industrial buildings sometimes have oddly-shaped room that don’t fit the norm. This can mean circular rooms, rooms that are triangular, or even something more exotic still. One of the most common oddly-shaped rooms is the circular one, so we’re taking a look at how homeowners handle what could be a problematic situation.

In the San Francisco home below, the homeowners have gone the full distance in embracing a circular shape by finding furnishings that exactly mirror the room’s roundness. This means a rounded custom-made couch a circular rug, and a nice round ottoman. Even the coffee table and side tables maintain a softened organic form — in the case of the coffee table, perhaps not round, but close enough with an oval.

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Here’s another view:

modern living room how to tips advice

Solving the round-room dilemma can be simple if that round room happens to be a dining room. All you need is a circular dining table, and you’re good to go!

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Although seeking out rounded shapes can be one way to address the rotundity problem, it’s not the only way. In the living room below, the homeowners simply opted for a sectional which, without going the full circular distance, does provide something of a sense of closure in the way that a semi-circular couch might.

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You’ll notice in this shot of the same room that although the couch is a regular sectional, there are circular and oval elements in the room that can help pick up on the theme, namely the side tables and rounded glass coffee table:

traditional living room how to tips advice

Sometimes a room isn’t circular but semi-circular. And sometimes, folks who have a circular room make it semi-circular by erecting a wall that can dissect the space, providing that one wall which might anchor a couch or bed. Take a look at the Tel Aviv apartment below:


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Even with the use of a wall, the owners still kept “round” in mind by opting to group two chairs and a couch around a circular coffee table.

The other half of the room uses a circular dining table to pick up on the theme:

industrial dining room how to tips advice

Because of the circular configuration of the apartment, the owners had to get creative when it came to the kitchen. They angled the kitchen island to create a triangular space within the circle that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Other tips for handling a round room:
  • Keep the furniture arrangement casual and conversational. Have chairs and couches floating in the room and facing each other.
  • Consider built-ins and custom-made furniture to echo the shape of the room.
  •  Consider creative ways to give yourself a few right angles, including constructing walls and partial walls or bookcases.

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