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Luxurious Family Retreat on Lake Coeur D’Alene


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Cool northern sunlight gently blesses a tranquil space overlooking a lake in North Idaho.

It exemplifies the massive, solid, durable luxuriousness of the Pacific Northwest design vernacular.

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The region is close to Canada where the light quality is cool and contemplative, and the house graciously encompasses a view of gorgeous Lake Coeur D’Alene.

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The house is designed to go with the flow, literally; bridging the gap where an underground stream flows naturally.

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This far north, summer’s days are long, and the last of the light bounces off the cool lake, well into the long evenings.

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Uptic Studios designed the luxury cabin for a large extended family. Where the clients, their children and their grandchildren can enjoy the wonderful natural offerings of the region.

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Here, grandkids can be passed a healthy glass of water without tracking mud indoors.

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And parents and grandparents in the large and close knit family can reminisce long into the gentle nights.

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It is a quick scramble down to the shore of the lake below.

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The clients wanted a modern cabin, and this has restrained and yet earthy interiors that reflect the woodsy and massive design aesthetic of the region, while sidestepping its worst cliches.

Rather than the whole deer head, a very elegant pair of antlers are displayed – to serve a useful purpose.

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This is a house where warm memories of lengthy summer vacations with family will be made.

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