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Design Dilemma: Classic Kitchen Style

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Although sleek contemporary kitchens have been in vogue the last few years, we still have a soft spot in our hearts for the classic kitchen. Why? Well, there’s simply no place cozier for preparing a good hearty meal.  Classic kitchens beckon when it’s time to settle in with a pot of coffee for a long talk with a good friend. Classic kitchens embrace us for big family celebrations replete with spaghetti, meatballs and a big chocolate cake. And classic kitchens can also be a romantic setting for a dinner for two. Yes, modern kitchens can certainly look fabulous but let’s face it, they usually lack that homey quality that makes a hearth a home.

Are you interested in going classic in your next kitchen remodel? Here’s what you need to keep in mind so you don’t go off track:

Classic kitchens rely on a series of timeless finishes that never go out of style. You’ll spot a few of them in the first picture in this post. Here are a couple of other classic kitchens:


traditional kitchen how to tips advice

And this:

traditional kitchen how to tips advice

Can you spot the commonalities among these kitchens that keeps them in the classic zone?

  • They often use white or cream cabinets. A light, bright palette keeps the classic kitchen feeling fresh, open and welcoming.  When classic kitchens diverge from this palette, it’s usually not dramatically so — soft grays and greens are sometimes used.
  • Door styles are not too ornate (no curlicues or curved edges) but not too modern (no flat paneled, high gloss cabinets). The simple door style is precisely what makes the look so timeless, allowing it to transition easily into a slightly more modern look, or a more traditional look, depending on a homeowner’s taste. Door pulls are usually simple as well.
  • Countertops use timeless materials, such as carrara or calacatta marble. In fact, the marble (not necessarily the most practical choice for cooks) is usually the focal point in a classic kitchen. When marble isn’t used, classicists often opt for black granite, soapstone or quartz.
  • Subway tile is standard. Of course, subway tile is not the only way to go, but nothing beats this type of style for its classic character. When classicists are looking for something just a little bit different, they might opt for a subway tile in a different color, like below:


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Wooden floors are common. You’ll notice in almost all of these photos that the kitchens use wood, rather than tile floors. Wood floors may not necessarily be the most practical choice, but they do contribute to the sense of warmth that the classic kitchen exudes.  Check out the kitchen below:

traditional kitchen how to tips advice

So there you have it, a few essential elements of the classic kitchen. If you opt for a classic style, you will never be disappointed. Not only will your kitchen withstand the test of time, but you’ll find that you can easily tweak the look, making it more modern or traditional simply by changing out light fixtures , faucets, appliances and accessories.

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