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Luxury house near Brisbane offers breathtaking ocean views

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What are the characteristics of the classic luxury estate? A fancy location – preferably near water, gorgeous views over the water, exquisite design and hi-tech home features? This Brisbane home has it all! Positioned on a headland in the Redcliffe Peninsula, just 30km away from downtown Brisbane, the 860 sq.m mansion offers 3-level front row views of the ocean, contemporary home design and modern home technology. Another great feature of the house is the private deep water jet, so if you’re a boating enthusiast looking for a new home – consider this one, it’s currently for sale.

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  1. max Says:

    i could cry …..

  2. BS Says:

    SO barren inside, would feel depressive.

  3. Gerard Says:

    How about some more chairs in the pool and on the roof ?

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