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Not Your Fathers Mobile Home

rollinghut1 green
And not your fathers mobile home park either:

rollinghut2 green
The owner purchased the site, formerly a RV campground, with the aim of allowing the landscape return to its natural state. It had been a flood plain meadow in an alpine river valley.

Then, the  concept was to have simple mobile structures able to roll into and set up on the site, yet to provide clearance for nature below each hut.

The roof is a butterfly roof for water conservation, a new design vernacular we are seeing more of. The Rolling Hut is sustainable in other ways too:

rollinghut4 green
The gigantic wheels lift the structures well above the meadow, keeping the footprint of each hut to the barest minimum, making for a low-tech and low-impact design.

rollinghut5 green

The construction of each identical hut is very simple. It is just an offset steel clad box on a steel platform with a wood deck on top. Unlike a typical mobile home, less than half of the space on each structure is indoor space; outdoor decks comprise 55% of the usable space.

While the interiors leave some design issues unsolved, the exteriors are well thought out. They are built of simple, durable and no-maintenance materials – steel, plywood and car-decking. No effort is made to soften this reality. The steel exterior is just allowed to rust naturally.

rollinghut3 green
The huts are “grouped as a herd”: while each is facing out towards a view of the mountains (and away from the other structures), but they are also gathered together as a unit.

Not your fathers mobile home park. More sustainable.

Via Arch Daily

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  1. gabinho Says:

    Like it.
    Where is this?

  2. in Says:

    in Alps i guess

  3. in Says:;resnum=1

    mazama, washington…

  4. max Says:

    finally some one with brains to bad about the rest of the world …lolol

  5. Jack Says:

    Where are the pictures of the inside, showing how absolutely huge it is?

  6. Andrea Says:

    440 sf? Great! We can all feel good about the environment while living in third-world size housing!

  7. Mubashar Abrar Says:

    These are so cool. Its enough to live peacefully. Can you post pictures of inside? I want to see how they look.

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