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Magical Mythical Spaces in Minimalist Azuris

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At Azuris, huge spaces are carved out of heroic concrete, to frame idyllic views in this stunner from Australia’s Renato D’Ettorre Architects.

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An indoor-outdoor living room appears to float on a sliver of a slab on the surrounding pool.

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At the other end of the same infinity pool, a curtain wall opens the master bedroom utterly to the enchanting view.

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Every space is mesmerised .

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Relaxing, simple, clean shapes are formed from concrete, for longevity and low maintenance in Australia’s sub-tropical climate.

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A surprising chunky concrete stage-like platform is the ultimate in low-maintenance chic.

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The textural quality and honesty of the materials is matched by the utter simplicity of the award-winning design in the balmy climate of its setting on Australia’s Hamilton Island.

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