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Design Dilemma: Small Apartment, Good Design

smallapt2 interiors

Good things can come in small packages. In fact, sometimes, it’s the smallness of things that makes a place especially spectacular. Here’s one example of a practical, beautiful small apartment which outshines much larger digs simply with its elegant simplicity.

Take a look:
smallapt3 interiors

This apartment, designed by Alan Chu, belongs to a young businessman who is using it only temporarily. That means the owner did not need lots of furniture or storage. Instead, he required just a well-thought out kitchen, entertaining space, and of course, sleeping quarters. Each of those needs is stylishly accounted for.

The kitchen combines with the living room to create an open space appropriate for both cooking and entertaining: And since the refrigerator has such a prominent role in this apartment, it is allowed to become a design feature. The bright red is picked up in a patchwork overdyed persian carpet.

smallapt1 interiors

Storage around the entertainment center combines with storage in the kitchen for one seamless wall that feels integrated. Storage around the cool Smeg refrigerator is especially handy and the red interior of cabinets ties in brilliantly with the red theme.

smallapt5 interiors

You’ll notice the living room is comprised only of a light metal chair and a large comfortable couch which can stand in as a bed for guests when necessary.
smallapt6 interiors

Here you get a better sense of just how luxurious the couch is:

smallapt7 interiors

The metal spiral staircase leads to a second floor which includes another sleeping space and bathroom quarters. Although the space is relatively austere, it doesn’t feel that way, simply because of the use of bright pops of color in the rug, refrigerator, interior cabinet color and accessories. It just goes to show how little color is needed to cozy up a neutral interior. What a jewel of an apartment!


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