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Meran’s Luxurious House M in the Tyrolean Alps

house m2 architecture

The exceedingly glamorous House M from Monovolume Architecture + Design is sited in an alpine resort region.

house m8 architecture

It takes a current architectural fashion to the extreme.

house m9 architecture

I see more and more white houses with thick walls – and houses that have some kind of “sky frame” squares on a roof. This has both.

house m 10 architecture

Sky frames are like the picture windows of the 1950s, but they have no glass, and they frame a portion of the sky.

These are getting thicker and whiter and the squares are getting bigger.

house m1 architecture

House M extends this fad to its extreme, by making the walls so thick.

house m3 architecture

It doesn’t make its “sky frame” frame more sky, but it makes the thickest frame yet.

The thickness of the walls also has a benefit:

house m11 architecture

Very high levels of insulation in the super-thick stucco walls (and triple glazed glass for all the glass walls) make the house very energy efficient.

house m4 architecture

The house has one underground floor for parking with two upper floors.

house m5 architecture

The underground parking is well designed so that four cars can turn around inside.

house m6 architecture

From the lavish parking and the three double bedrooms (and two single ones) it appears that the house is to be shared by an extended family.

house m7 architecture

The huge central kitchen at the heart of the house can handle many eaters.

house m13 architecture

House M is set in Italy, a nation where extended families are a norm.

house m15 architecture

But it is also set in the tourist area of the German alps.

house m14 architecture

The town of Merano is a spa town in the Tyrolean alps near the German border, (where it is called Meran).

house m12 architecture

Perhaps it is designed to be a vacation rental villa, to accommodate large family reunions.

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  1. Andrea Says:

    A fantastic house, a day I want to live in house like this, more better if in Tuscany, maybe in Florence! I love that town!

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