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Metal House for Couple Retiring in the New Mexico Desert

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Designed by Anderson Anderson Architecture for a retiring anthropologist and concert pianist, this all-metal house is young in spirit, fresh and original.

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Music gets pride of place in its open and bright living room.

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Its bold and clean-cut cladding gleams in the soft desert light of New Mexico.

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It is sited not far from where the artist Georgia O’Keefe made her famous desert home near the Rio Chama.

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The house utilizes a sustainable construction method: prefabrication.

SIPs are used for wall panels, and prefabricated 2×4 long-span trusses for the floors and roof.

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Details like light-wells that bring daylight in to the verandah are no-nonsense industrial design elements.

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The overall effect of the shiny light perforated metal is crisp, clean and efficient.

But it is also very sustainable. Metal is the most easily recycled material.

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Unusually, for a house for a retiring couple, it features stairs.

It would be more typical for thoughtful architecture of this caliber to incorporate “ageing in place” design like single floors and ramps rather than stairs.

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But clearly the clients did not intend to commission a house for going gently into this good night.

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  1. φωτιστικα Says:

    A really simple and amazing metal house. I love it.

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