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Minimal White Stucco Sculpts Blue Skies in Portugal

Faro1 architecture

Here is a cheerfully minimal house in Santa Barbara-de-Nexe, Faro, Portugal, from Pedro Domingos Arquitectos, that celebrates the joy of living.

faro2 architecture

Its bold proportions assimilate the old and new with easygoing, joyous shapes.

agostos architecture

The house is partly a renovation of a traditional villa in the regional vernacular, set in an overgrown forested hillside.

faro3 architecture

All in bright white against the blue skies of the Algarve region of Portugal, the proportions of the new and old spaces are pleasing, and they are perfectly sized to catch and bounce the sun.

faro11 architecture

The deep reddish wood and the bright white – even on the outdoor floor – is a celebration of the relaxed good living you want in a holiday home.

faro15 architecture

The low-ceilinged original building in the traditional vernacular architecture of the Algarve has been renovated to become the bedrooms for the new home.

faro6 architecture

By contrast with the cramped ceilings of the old buildings, the new public spaces are exuberantly soaring and light filled.

faro8 architecture

A new skyway walk on the roof is one of the amusing twists that the house is able to take – with fun and surprising proportions – because it is partly set into the steep hillside.

faro7 architecture

The rooftop walkway is reached up an old stair from the original structure.

faro5 architecture

As with the old stairway, the architect was careful not to disturb an ancient tree growing amid the new buildings.

faro10 architecture

To cope with the stifling heat, an outdoor shutter can close off and cool the interior for a peaceful siesta in the hottest part of the day. It is an update of the traditional wooden shutters on the outside of buildings.

faro4 architecture

Thick whitewashed walls also borrow their natural cooling properties from the traditional architecture of the region. A successful melding of old and new.

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