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The Serenely Introverted Simple House from Aires Mateus

simple1 architecture

Huge reddish wooden sliding doors on each side open or close the Simple house from Aires Mateus.

simple7 architecture

The stark building is in a dry region with olive groves, cork trees and sunflowers in the bare landscape of the Alentejo near the Atlantic coast of Portugal.

simple3 architecture

Each side is only accessed in the center, by a full height sliding door. Although starkly modern, the introverted architecture of thick white walls and few windows is traditional in this region, partly a response to climate, and partly cultural; dating back to the Ottoman Empire.

simple11 architecture

Empty cubes throughout the house are part of its strange introverted charm.

simple9 architecture

As if scooped out from a marble cube, the Simple House is all white throughout its monastic interior.

simple15 architecture

Unremittingly white both outside and throughout; the walls are plastered white, the door frames are steel, painted white, and throughout, the floor is pale creamy-white marble.

simplw04 architecture

The house has a moody mysterious introversion. It is cool and distant.

simple05 architecture

For access to the bedrooms, an entire wall opens. The giant steel-framed glass doors pivot around a center-hinge.

simple6 architecture

This way the bedrooms can be completely open or closed.

simple10 architecture

Only unseen courtyards bring natural light in but no view out of the windowless rooms.

simple02 architecture

A corner courtyard illuminates the bathroom.

simple03 architecture

Another corner courtyard is so completely devoid of stimulation as to make the building seem almost like a hospital or a retreat from sensory overload.

simple8 architecture

But the absolute simplicity of the cube house also provides a perfect frame for the changing light on the landscape.

simple5 architecture

So that when ready to take in the view, it can be consumed in a big gulp.

simple01 architecture

Just these simple blocks of marble form the step up, throughout, even to the simple galley kitchen.

simple12 architecture

Changing levels mark the different rooms inside, and a simple block of marble accesses each with a single stair.

simple4 architecture

The interior rooms can be separated from the outside with full-height sliding glass doors.

simple13 architecture

The result is a building that remains open only to the sky in its four corners and, a very long, hot, enervating walk away; the final relief of an equally mysterious swimming pool.

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