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Minimalism at the Beach


NZ1 architecture

Was there ever a more perfect architecture for this serenely horizontal water view than this utterly minimalist beach abode?

Instant nirvana, right?

NZ2 architecture

The sublimely simple beachfront retreat is in New Zealand’s far north, a barely populated sliver of land that extends up into the Pacific.

NZ3 architecture

Designed by Auckland’s Fearon Hay Architects, the design intersperses interiors and exteriors that open out onto each other seamlessly along a long slender site that descends gently to end at the beach.

NZ4 architecture

Both inside and out, highly resilient buffed concrete floors keep sandy feet from making any impact on the house.

NZ6 architecture

A giant white slab echoing the vastness of the sky above conceals a chimney for the outdoor fireplace.

NZ5 architecture

At any time of the day, this kind of pared back minimalism enhances the indoor/outdoor experience.

NZ7 architecture

Like many coastal houses, transparency allows a glimpse of the sublime turquoise sea beyond, from the moment you set foot on a refined concrete floor that extends throughout.

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