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Spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright Lives on in Sydney Tree House

Cottage Point3  architecture

Here is the sort of house that will leave wonderful childhood memories of long summer meals after a day of fun.

Cottage Point2 architecture

It has a natural joie de vivre, set amongst treetops in the surrounding bushland.

Cottage Point8 architecture

The house, aptly named “treetops” is set in Cottage Point, Sydney’s smallest suburb, among only 52 homes.

Cottage Point4  architecture

Was it was a house otherwise ahead of its time in the 1950s, or is this stone fireplace a retro nod to the period?

Cottage Point7  architecture

The late architect Bruce Rickard said he was influenced by the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Cottage Point9 architecture

At the risk of heresy, I have to admit I’ve never really recognised his genius.

Cottage Point6  architecture

Regardless, this is a wonderful, open, welcoming space full of light and charm.

Cottage Point5  architecture

These are happy, friendly and cheerful spaces, as wide open as Australia.

Cottage Point11 architecture

A tranquil, lovely, gentle, innovative tree house perfect for the balmy climate in Sydney.

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