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Mix of Vernacular and Modern in Minimalist Mexican Masterpiece

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This luxurious modern house by Almazan Arquitectos Asociados, in an affluent neighborhood of Mexico City plays off blocky white cubic forms against a traditional tile roof.

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Nearly every rear face of the home is glazed from floor to ceiling.

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Inside is a two story atrium, the full height of the house, filling it with an abundance of slatted natural light.

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The firm is better known for its modern office design portfolio, which is reflected in this very sleek and sophisticated central atrium design, with room for the tree to double in height.

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Like the tile roof outside, a single piece of vernacular Mexican furniture similarly contrasts with the sleek take-no-prisoners minimalism of the central space.

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On this floor, a luxuriously spacious kitchen is grounded by a dark central island and the pure design of its rectangular range hood.

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In the master bathroom, the architects maximize daylight with smooth white marble, bouncing back light, yet emphasizing a separation of indoors and outdoors.

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Sheltered under the long overhanging terracotta tile roof, lined in soft wooden rafters, the master bedroom has the feeling of an attic perch.

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Long overhangs on the upstairs deck help to obscure the view into the bedroom.

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This is one very cool and sophisticated stunner built for real impact inside and out.

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