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Movie Star Architecture Going Begging at $29 Million

million dollar home 2 architecture
This luxury beach front house is flawless. Just the thing if you are a rich Hollywood movie star, right? Yet, like all properties in a sinking economy, it is going for much less than it was just a few years ago.
million dollar home 3 architecture
Now you can be tucked up in bed watching your latest movie for a cool $29 million. But before the crash of 2008, according to Home-Reviews, this house sold for $37.5 million.
million dollar home 4 architecture
This seems like a shocking price drop. I thought America’s top 1% was not washed away like the rest of us.
million dollar home 5 architecture
If you are a Hollywood star who had $37.5 million for a house four years ago, surely you still have it?
million dollar home 6 architecture
Don’t Hollywood movie stars still get the same pay?
million dollar home 9 architecture
Just what is scrupulously perfect design worth, anyway?
million dollar home 8 architecture
Even the decorating is carefully thought out. Notice the outdoor fireplace.
million dollar home 1 architecture
I’m not one for knick-knacks, but look at the shapes of the bottles, the trees and these white things on the table.
million dollar home 10 architecture
I think its perfect. But I am not in the market for million dollar homes.

million dollar home 7 architecture

Maybe it’s just too wholesome for today’s top 1%. The house does not look corrupt enough. It has a sweet, hedonistic and straightforward vibe. I see a happy family gathering here for some afternoon strawberries and cream, don’t you? – Not a power lunch of Arctic-melt caviar with endangered polar bear fritters.

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