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A Chic Garage Conversion

garage fabre de marien 1 diy
Homedesign has a question for you. Would you live in this garage?
garage fabre de marien 2 diy
First take a look at what they did. Now you’d live there, right?
garage fabre de marien 3 diy
Just kidding. That’s just how it looks closed up for the night. The door slides right across the front to open. The window “sliding door” slides separately underneath. Now it’s starting to look like something…

garage fabre de marien 4 diy

The view out remains the same, unfortunately. But now you have a highly functional industrial chic kitchen in the heart of town!
garage fabre de marien 5 diy
A full office with perfect feng shui and a long view out.
garage fabre de marien 6 diy
A cozy spot to watch TV after the front is closed up at night. Storage is stacked above and behind the seating area.
garage fabre de marien 7 diy
Upstairs, in a loft above the seating, a place for peaceful slumber.
garage fabre de marien 8 diy
And somewhere, the bathroom is squeezed in too. The entire living space is just 41 sq meters, nothing lavish. But hip.

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  1. Cheryl Says:

    Neat home and article but those are the most annoying popup ads over the photos I've ever seen.

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