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Museum-Quality Historical Chiang Mai Resort

Howies Homestay 7 architecture

The ultimate in traditional luxury living in a historical resort makes reference to a subtle and refined traditional architecture.

Howies Homestay 1 architecture
Bensley Architects created this exclusive sanctuary of complete serenity in a subtle compound featured in Architectural Digest in the rustic natural beauty of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Howies Homestay 2 architecture

Each pavilion recalls the grace of traditional Lanna style, built from reclaimed and recycled teak wood.

Howies Homestay 9 architecture

The somnolent splendor of the grounds adds a bewitching presence, as if in a dream.

Howies Homestay 5 architecture

The resort is set in four acres of verdant tropical gardens, rippling streams and water gardens.

Howies Homestay 4 architecture

Teakwood floors and large area rugs ground the interior design, hearkening back to an era of grace and elegance.

Howies Homestay 3 architecture

The resort is separated into seven main pavilions for ­living, dining, master bedroom suites, a studio and some private guest pavilions.

Howies Homestay 8 architecture

Each pavilion is embellished with decorative doors and shutters that recall the ornate and intricate carvings of the Lanna era.

Howies Homestay 6 architecture

The stunning setting is cradled on a handsome land plot of four acres, located in Chiang Mai in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Howies Homestay 11 architecture

An artistic pathway that makes an ever-so-subtle reference to a dragon winds peacefully through the delightful garden.

Howies Homestay 12 architecture

The landscape rich is with natural streams, boulders, and a diverse array of tropical flora and plant life, sculptures and lit pathways.
Howies Homestay 13 architecture

The stillness of nature experienced directly is interwoven into a place conceived and designed to become a personal sanctuary.

Howies Homestay 10 architecture

Overall, the accumulated effect of the enchanting grounds and the unique furnishings and the interplay of subtle colors and tones of the fabled pavillions create a mysterious space that seems to dream forever in the past.

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