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Glimpse of a Strange, Repurposed Future World

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Here’s a strange vision. As if a thoughtful post-apocalyptic nomad has somehow dug up an ancient library and used it to create a semi-outdoor home in the ruins of the 21st century.

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Here, another solitary soul has apparently made a comfortable home in the ruins of a clocktower, now open to the birds and breezes, and scrounged up other timepieces, as if slowly following a clue.

A natural archeologist of sorts.

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What kind of people are these, now moved into the ruins of our civilization, seemingly settled among the disparate collection of artifacts of the past, as if they gathered them from wreckage they no longer understood, and without knowing their purpose.

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Here, apparently without any human agency, the glass rotunda of a botanical garden has burst? broken? allowing the tropical plants within to run wild, seemingly comfortable in what is perhaps the thick turgid air of a new and warmer earth.

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Here a mall exists in a quiet future, devoid of commercial activity, but tropical green life is flourishing.

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The detritus of our times lives on, but it has now gained the mystery of any long ago civilization’s artifacts. Outside, lush overgrowth is run wild.

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It is not clear what happened here, but the future inhabitants of the leftovers of centuries of our architecture do seem to be oddly at peace with it all.

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Artist Lori Mix created these extremely personal, and strangely balmy and peaceful images of a post-apocalyptic future, constructing them as small dioramas and then photographing the results.

The video, showing how she does it is at Homedsgn.

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