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New American Home – new heights for household electronics

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Modern technologies can do amazing things for our house. The half-acre New American Home in Vegas is a good example – lavishly equipped with all kinds of hi-tech gadgets, this posh house is the new offspring of several select tech companies, including Microsoft. 10 Toshiba HDTV’s, Kohler bathtubs, Nuvo audio systems, Anthem A/V processors and more modern indulgences are at your disposal to control no matter where you are at the moment. The Lifeware software lets you control your house from your phone. You think it’s amazing? Yes it is, but there is even more; or maybe it’s rather “no more” – no more energy bills, for the house does not consume energy from external sources. The large solar panels provide all the electricity needed to cover the house’s consumption. “Bonus” features include stunning outdoor pool with ground level surface, great location (Wayne Newton lives in the same block), and rich future neighbors – this spectacular house is the first part of a community called Marquis Vegas, with total of 14 houses like this one. All of this on the humble price of about $ 5 million.

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  1. Casa digital New American Home - DomoKing Says:

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  2. Dave Says:

    Last Picture with a fur coat, well you got it half covered.

  3. lil Says:

    Gosh! How do they get the water to gleam like this? They use photoshop or sth?

  4. mee x Says:

    love this house proba gawjuss

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