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Modern Okitu house by Pete Bossley

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What a great way to enjoy the beauty of the ocean by always having a gorgeous view over it.   Okitu house, designed by Pete Bossley and located near Tatapouri Point in New Zealand, offers just that – extensive views over The Pacific through the house’s glass walls. The so-called T-house got its name from its plan – a T-shaped single storey structure with two wings, perfect for the whole family to live in. Designed this way, the house does not only look cool, but also protects from ocean winds its outdoor spaces, which charm with the small level differences between them.


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2 Comments so far to “Modern Okitu house by Pete Bossley”
  1. Dudye Says:

    What a peaceful house, it fits well with the site.

  2. Pete Bossley Hosts A ‘T’ Party At His Okitu House Says:

    […] Atop a ridge overlooking Poverty Bay and Tatapouri Point, the single-story Okitu House was designed to accommodate its owners’ extended family while still serving as a cozy ocean retreat. Pete Bossley’s concept for the New Zealand home was based around a T-shaped floor plan, which divides the home into separate wings, which can be closed off from one another for privacy. The shape of the house also provides wind protection for a courtyard and outdoor pool, spaces that still connect with the ocean through site lines preserved by the home’s glass-walled living wing. [via homedesignfind] […]

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