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Swedish Mill House is All About Bathing Rituals

Mill House1 architecture
The tiny Mill House in Sweden is an ode to water, simplicity, moderation and… cleanliness.

Mill House2 architecture
This masterpiece was created for a family from Malma, in Sweden by the Swedish architectural firm of Wingardhs.

Mill House4 architecture
The family relishes the Swedish rituals of bathing and the the sauna, while also appreciating the Japanese Zen master’s approach to finding the simple life.

Mill House3 architecture

So Wingardhs  designed the Mill House as a tiny vacation home dominated by the sauna and the attendant spaces for dressing and undressing.

Mill House5 architecture
A modest space is devoted to cooking and sleeping. Most of the space is in this pool for the post-sauna dip…

Mill House6 architecture
… where a quality of eternal peace and tranquility is the predominant mood.

Via Small House Style
Courtesy of Gert Wingardh
The photos are by photos by James Silverman.

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