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On Shelter Island, a Strange Raised House of Art

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This very intriguing kitchen, that appears to be set in a forest surrounding it is just one of the sublime details in this interesting home by Stuart Parr Design.

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The entire house is raised above ground, allowing a sneak peek at the water beyond from underneath as you approach it.

The central base of the structure houses the entrance stairway.

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The odd juxtaposition of this lifesize bovine sculpture and widescreen bleak watery vista over Long Island Sound may not be your cup of tea, but it is certainly arresting.

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Even odder, the creature is suspended above the grassy meadow where it might seem more at home.

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The home, overlooking Peconic Bay on wooded Shelter Island, New York, is host to some other intriguing artworks displayed against an organic yet refined palette of marble flooring.

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In every season, there is the sense of dining outdoors in the rolling acres of wooded surroundings.

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At the far end of the house, even the bedrooms are completely open to the wide open vistas of nature’s magnificence.
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An ensuite bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a glass window.

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Another bath is a nature-inspired retreat with breathtaking outside views.

The design’s linear plan allows for a series of open and airy spaces while supplying privacy along the line of rooms.

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