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Marine Inspiration for Cantilevered Two Hulls House

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A pair of cubes cantilever out over the rocky coastline of southwestern Queens, Nova Scotia, like two ship’s hulls up on cradles for the winter.

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Halifax based Canadian architecture firm MacKay Lyons Sweetapple Architects drew on their maritime background in designing the house.

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They call the marine-inspired, yet calm and casual home, which floats above the shoreline, the Two Hulls House.

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Soaring windows flood the all white living room with with natural light pouring in along with the views.

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Next to a floating fireplace, the utterly simple aesthetic perfectly offsets the huge sky and the sea views.

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Interestingly, the kitchen is set in an alley along the edge, with a vast sightline, but in quite a narrow space.

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The layout divides the house into sleeping and waking wings, with the entry in the middle.

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A design reflection the region’s heritage of shipbuilding, wood detailing, like these full height sliding screen doors, are as much an art form as a structural element.

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A concrete seawall supplies some storm protection on the lonely shoreline of Port Mouton to the very unusual beachfront house.

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