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Once-Soggy Farmhouse Takes Shabby Chic to Nth Degree

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A rustic, and toppling old wooden farmhouse in upstate New York is renovated in a classic style by replacing one entire wall of the clapboard siding.

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Its huge rustic beams are retained, now offset by stark white walls and the huge window, opening up one entire wall to the views and light.

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The renovation is handled with wit and reserve.

No-nonsense polished concrete floors play off the sentimentality of an old-world kitchen island.

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The rich patina of the old wooden farmhouse floors is countered by a new rusted steel fireplace that threads through both floors.

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In the now luminous and spacious farmhouse kitchen this fireplace becomes a pizza oven and firewood stack, while the wooden beam seems to have reverted to a living tree trunk.

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A Japanese style soaking tub combines the ancient wooden tub inside and a new stainless steel exterior.

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An exterior porch is folded in to the renovated interiors.

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And the most dilapidated sink imaginable is offset by a very droll faucet and its own serious museum-like display space.

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But one hopes that floods are rare because this ‘Floating Farmhouse’ is still sited right on the water.

Perhaps that is why it was in such a sorry state to begin with.

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