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Design Dilemma: A New Take on Gray in Taiwan

graywithcolor3 interiors

Sophisticated, neutral, tranquil and never garish, gray has become a go-to color for designers aiming to please picky clients… And truth be told, it’s also become a little boring. Gray may be chic, but it is also the color of bleak winter days, hair after a certain age, bland orporate offices, and these days, many furniture catalogs. So what about a new take on a fashionable color? Recently we spotted this Taiwanese apartment which we think makes a masterful use of gray in a way that feels fresh, unexpected and inspiring.

Take a look:

graywithcolor1 interiors

What’s so cool about the use of gray here, is that Taiwan-based Ganna Studio chose very soft warm grays, almost ethereal in quality, that are punctuated with bright beachy colors — apple greens, turquoise, baby blues, oranges and yellows that we do not traditionally see used with gray. Here’s more:

graywithcolor5 interiors

graywithcolor4 interiors

graywithcolor6 interiors

graywithcolor2 interiors

What would be colors that we more traditionally see with gray? Well, certainly deep reds and burnt oranges have been popular in recent years. But a move away from those deeper tones  and the use of sunny purer color makes this minimal apartment feel youthful,  hip and happier.  Plus, color is varied and used in just the right doses — enough but not too much — which is important in this open concept space with sight lines in every direction. You’ll also notice that artwork is kept gray as well, so as not to distract from just the pure deliciousness of gray with color.

Bravo for a job well done!

Photography courtesy Gamma Studio

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