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Pavilions on Water Form Unusual Home and Art Gallery

Daeyang Gallery1 architecture

In what must be the most unusual live/work home ever, a copper-clad building has two pavilions that rise from water to make an entrance and an event space for a private art gallery, while a third is the home of the owner.

Daeyang Gallery5 architecture

The Daeyang Gallery and House is sited in the hills of the Kangbuk section of Seoul, Korea.

Daeyang Gallery2 architecture

Designed by New York architect Steven Holl, the unusual home includes an art gallery beneath a pool of water.

Daeyang Gallery3 architecture

Skylights are scattered across the base of the pool, so daylight must pass through the water before entering the gallery.

Daeyang Gallery4 architecture

In the base of the reflecting pool, strips of glass lenses bring dappled light to the white plaster walls and white granite floor of the gallery below.

Daeyang Gallery6 architecture

Exteriors are a rain screen of custom patinated copper which ages naturally within the landscape.

Daeyang Gallery9 architecture

Contrasting in texture and color with the copper, a unique formed concrete cladding is made using bamboo formwork.

Daeyang Gallery8 architecture

The visitor arrives through a garden wall at the entry court, after opening the front door and ascending a low stair.

Daeyang Gallery7 architecture

Three pavilions; one for entry, one residence, and one event space, are all that are visible above ground.

A most intriguing idea.

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