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Ramon Esteve’s Na Xemena House in Ibiza

RamonEsteve 2 architecture

For Ramon Esteve’s gorgeous Na Xemena House in Ibiza, the aesthetic is determined by the extraordinary physical beauty of the surrounding landscape. The quality of the light, the skyline, the sea, the stone, and the white cliffs – all affect the simple sybaritic design aesthetic.

RamonEsteve 9 architecture

The entire house is almost playful in the ease of its harmony with the gorgeous surrounding seascape.

RamonEsteve 10 architecture

The architect likens the design to music. “The repetitive form of each successive white cube is gradually enlarged so that the overall effect is like a musical crescendo”.

RamonEsteve 1 architecture

‘The relationship between the materials, colours, volumes and the constructive elements is natural not constrained by a rigid geometric design. Albeit the whole group has been thought following rational and logic concepts in order to reinforce the unity of the design”.

‘The house was conceived as a unit that can be extended following the same plan design. The rooms are disposed like a sequence of places whose measures vary proportionally in its three dimensions, planning an increasing route, according to the use of the room.’

RamonEsteve 3 architecture
The final effect is of overwhelming sweetness, peace and tranquility. A place to forget one’s daily travails. The cheerful design is very suited to this French Riviera site. The house was constructed on the coast of a European holiday-maker’s heaven – the enchanted island of Ibiza.

RamonEsteve 4 architecture
RamonEsteve 8 architecture

RamonEsteve 5 architecture

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