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Design Dilemma: Orange Crush

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What’s the sunniest color on the color spectrum? Orange! It’s fun, spunky, cheery, optimistic. It’s a color we love, as it feels very modern but still adorably retro. Orange has definitely made a revival in recent years, partially because of the mid-century modern craze that has lots of people mimicking the styles and colors of 60s decorating magazines.  We’re happy to see the comeback. Below, check out a few rooms that have caught our eye.

Orange CAN be elegant. It’s enough to tone it down a bit, pulling it into its earthier incarnation, closer to a raw sienna. It’s warm, sophisticated and beautiful. The Italians have long used this version of orange for both exteriors and interiors.

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Below, another orange room meets the elegance standard. This orange is slightly brighter, but toned down through the liberal use of white and delicate oriental panels.

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Orange CAN be comforting. Who says orange is too vibrant for bedrooms? Below, a deep orange seems especially suited to what could be a teenager’s room. Very mod.

orangebedroom room growersandnomads how to tips advice

A little bit of orange packs a wallop. You only need a little of it to make a room feel really ORANGE. Below, an orange chair and lamp take a child’s bedroom beyond the pink and blue standard.

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Below, it takes only two orange throws to set the mood in this white space:

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Who says orange and black is only for Halloween? There’s something about the orange and black combination that feels utterly chic in the right hands.

orangeHastingsHouse 300x219 how to tips advice

What are the tricks to making orange rooms work?

  • You don’t need a lot to create impact. A simple orange throw, orange pillows or orange chair can easily carry an otherwise neutral room.
  • Keep the tone deeper if you want to create an earthier, soothing feeling.
  • Bright, tangerine oranges are likely to be more successful as accents. You can easily change an accent wall or pillow and you are less likely to tire of it in small doses.

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