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Refreshing Simplicity in a Minimalist Eco Camp in Thailand

CostaLanta1 architecture
Separate cabins of polished concrete cubes are scattered throughout the grounds of a laid-back retreat, set on the tip of Thailand’s crowd-free Koh Lanta island. Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag’s Costa Lanta Resort makes a bracing change from the usual tourist fare.

CostaLanta3 architecture
Only five trees were removed during construction of the industrial-inspired, tropical-minimal eco-luxury resort.

CostaLanta12 architecture
The hardwood timber used throughout this simple retreat was reclaimed from old factories and barns.

CostaLanta11 architecture
Like a lime palate refresher between courses of an elaborate meal, the barefoot luxury creates an escape from overwrought architectural design.

CostaLanta2 architecture
Luxuriously spartan villas dotted around the grounds embrace the outdoors with entirely retractable walls and see-through ceilings.

CostaLanta6 architecture

The retractable wooden walls in the sleeping pavilions just fold up accordion style.
CostaLanta8 architecture
In the polished concrete bathrooms, translucent roof panels bring in natural cooling and light.
CostaLanta9 architecture
Part of the peacefulness of the minimal design comes from the spaciousness.  Towels hung on the far wall are reflected in the slanted mirror…

CostaLanta7 architecture
…. and with wide open sleeping pavilions, a spacious sense of camping out in the open is conveyed.
CostaLanta4 architecture

This resort has more of the feeling of a campgrounds off the beaten track, than an eco hotel.
CostaLanta10 architecture
The sleek, minimal and spartan aesthetic works because each part is so well thought out.

CostaLanta5 architecture
At the end of a day of lazing and naps, all the escapees return to eat together in the large central dining area.

Via Mr and Mrs Smith’s Luxury Boutique Hotels

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