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Cool Kuhlhaus 02 is an Industrial-Chic LA Home

Kuhlhaus02 1 architecture
James Meyer of LeanArch wants to fashion homes that show that it is possible to enjoy a sophisticated urban beach lifestyle in houses that are sustainable and responsible with regards to land and energy use.

Rooftop solar panels generate all the electricity needed. Water is heated by the sun and circulated through radiant flooring embedded in the industrial concrete floors.

Kuhlhaus02 2 architecture
His Kuhlaus 02 is his second model for the Kuhlhaus Development Company, and designed to expand on the original, literally. This one, at 4080 square feet with the garage, by contrast with his first model, is huge. It is designed to comfortably house a family of five, with four bathrooms.

Kuhlhaus02 9 architecture
But, as with Kuhlhaus 01, Meyer looks to commercial mass production technology like SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) like these modules on the exterior.

This kind of construction enables buildings to be put together faster, cheaper and less wastefully, during construction.

Kuhlhaus02 6 architecture
A strict color scheme throughout enlivens the industrial Grey

Kuhlhaus02 5 architecture
Metal detail is construction orange, the color of the plastic netting that serves to demarcate construction zones in the US .

Kuhlhaus02 10 architecture

The industrial detailing is well executed and high quality. This house is not going to fail in the next LA earthquake!Kuhlhaus02 7 architecture
The open mesh reappears in the stairway. It serves the purpose of allowing cooling air to flow through the house.

Kuhlhaus02 4 architecture
Corrugated metal SIPs on the face of the house are hip, urban and cool.

The entire glass wall can be slid open as here to allow for cool breezes, or kept closed in cold weather so the sun warms the house.

Kuhlhaus02 3 architecture
In describing his motivation to build the first Kuhlhaus, Meyer railed against the wastefulness of typical builders’ McMansions.

But failing to beat them, he has joined them. I guess the demand is there for huge homes in LA. But he shows a much more sustainable way to build them.

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