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Revived Steel Structure Becomes Graceful Perch for Art Lovers

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A gigantic roof deck creates the sense of an expansive “tabletop” sited amidst the tops of a towering old growth forest in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Tonic Design + Construction designed and built the contemporary 3500-square-foot house for art collectors John and Molly Chiles, set in the forest canopy.

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The new house was constructed re using the metal “bones” of an abandoned 1960s era steel-framed and wood-paneled house overlooking Crabtree Creek.

The cladding had been overgrown by kudzu and ivy, rotting the wood. It was in terrible condition.

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The architect did not repeat the original mistake of wood cladding in a damp forest setting.

The new house was an all metal re-design.

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Instead, the wonderful “bones” of the neglected remains become the chassis for a dramatic new house.

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The deck of the now clearly defined steel structure offers views across the treetops to the distant horizon.

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The all white open floor plan with loft-like spaces makes this treetop perch an unlikely home.

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A roof garden places trees below the steel walkway to the topmost deck,  to further a expansive sense of suspension above the trees.

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The clients’ extensive art collection is housed in an all white gallery space.

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Windows on all four sides of the open spaces keeps the ever present greenery close.

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Interestingly, even interior ceilings are panelled in corrugated metal, also painted art gallery white.

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Rich timber flooring is the only wood in the house.

Altogether a superb new house with both wide open vistas and delightful library spaces for its bookish art collector clients.

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