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Romantic Minimalism in the Great Barrier Reef


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Solis, by Renato D’Ettorre Architects, won the top award for houses – the Robin Dods Award for Residential Architecture.

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The superb and dreamlike residence is sculpted from concrete, stone, air and glass.

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You can imagine this romantic and mysterious architectural site as an abandoned ruin.

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Hamilton Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef offered the architects a panoramic but steep site in a romantic tropical environment.

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The architects were given free reign by “an appropriate budget and a desire for an oasis for an international business owner.”

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Daring textural contrasts between glass and concrete are executed with originality and flair.

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The architects believe in the power of architecture “in which we can take shelter, purify the mind, find peace and emerge enlightened and strengthened by the experience.”

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The result is a confident and thoughtful highly-crafted modernist house with a slowly unfolding richness of space, place, material and detail.

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The sense of ceremony for al fresco entertaining approaches the operatic.
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Likewise, the stupendous proportions of the columns holding the pool create a sense of place in the romantic setting.

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What an extraordinary experience.

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