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Vintage Texas Trailer gets Glamourous Industrial-Chic Housing

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Andrew Hinman Architecture designed this unusual house for a client who wanted it to house a much loved vintage trailer on their ranch.

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The new housing shades and cools the trailer at a favorite spot overlooking the Nueces River in hot and dusty South Texas.

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The vintage aluminium trailer home gets pride of place on the back porch.

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The interior is kept in working condition.

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For what the tiny trailer doesn’t have – a huge, super-serene bathing room.

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The bathroom sink is set beneath an aluminium porthole that picks up on the vintage trailer aesthetic.

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The new bathroom, and a sleeping loft above are in the tower.

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But, a surprise.

Instead of a master bedroom overlooking the property in the huge sleeping loft lookout, just a simple camp bed.

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While the tiny bedroom in the trailer is kept in use.

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But the graceful and beautifully proportioned new bathroom with minimal-chic concrete and rustic cabinetry is the antithesis of the claustrophobia of a trailer.

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The sheltering structure is an industrial-chic, minimalist concrete blockhouse containing utilities, storage, and bathroom.

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Outside, a wonderful circular wooden hot tub is inserted into the deck in the filtered outdoor sun.

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An unpretentious place to eat outside the tiny cooking trailer.

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The idea was to recreate the sense of camping on this section of the property, with its river views near the swimming hole.

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