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Rusty Corten Steel “Clamshell” House has a Smooth White Interior

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AQ Arkitekter has created an intriguing vacation retreat that completely shuts up like a clam when not in use.

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The center of Studio Furellen in Sweden is open, creating a central lightwell under a green roof “frame.”

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The central atrium  floods the silky interior with natural daylight even when the “clamshell” is tightly closed.

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Completely unseen from outside, this sky lighting at its heart defines the interior light.

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The minimalist shiny white interior is industrial, uncompromising, brisk.

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A cool and crisp bedroom awaits its secretive visitors.

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On each of the four corners, hydraulic and mechanical terraces can be opened out to the world.

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Levelers under the deck extend down to keep the decks level on the varying terrain.

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The detailing is brisk, efficient and very chic.

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By contrast with the rugged and weathered exterior, the interior is like the inside of a clamshell.

This is an odd and yet very intriguing hidey hole.

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