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Vast Space Defines Brazilian Rainforest Home

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Brazilian architecture firm Anastasia Arquitetos designed the al fresco Nova Lima House with a bold open upside-down L shape.

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The house is sited next to a nature reserve and embraces the surrounding tropical rainforest.

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Outside, a checkered pattern of timber decking and grass clears a piazza space in the jungle.

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Here, a pool is set perfectly flush into the continous timber deck like a piece of jade glass.

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From the street, the house gives no clue to the surprise awaits you inside.

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One clue. It has a grand triple height entrance.

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Once inside the home’s exterior walls, the interior really opens up.

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Command of the gigantic interior space from this triple height canopy is magnificent, huge.

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A wood slat skylight ceiling spills natural light spill deep into the vast tall space.

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A soaring atrium creates a staggered multivolume space filled with overhead light.

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Floor to ceiling glazing slides completely into the wall transforms the indoor area into an outdoor living room.

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The exterior seems smaller, with horizontal slatted wood contrasting with the verticality of the forest surroundings.

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Outside and inside, its materials – concrete, air, timber, and glass – offset the close tropical surroundings perfectly.

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