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Scandinavian Holiday House as Simple as a Child’s Drawing



Martin Videgård of Tham & Videgård, designed Husarö House as a vacation home for his own family.


Extremely simple materials were chosen so the project could stay within a tight budget.


Sun fills the fresh wood interior of the vacation home sited overlooking the water of the Stockholm archipelago.


The refreshing simplicity of the furniture is encourages pared-down camp-style holidays.


Plentiful Scandinavian pine lines the walls.

5 architecture

Even the layout is the simplest possible.

Central stairs lead up to the bedrooms.


Behind these stairs, the kitchen gets a wide open window to the sea views.

6 architecture

Upstairs, the large bedroom houses three kids in a bunk wall to open shared play space, while parents get a more compact bedroom.


Each bunk is built in to the wall finished just in particle board.

Boxes underneath house a few simple holiday clothes for all.


A very Scandinavian touch, a wood stove heats the house for winter vacations.


Tham & Videgård Arkitekter have created a two story house as simple as a child’s drawing.

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