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Design Dilemma: Elegance in 300 square feet

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Who says that a 323 square foot apartment can’t feel spacious, sumptuous and elegant? Certainly not French Designer Marianne Evennou, who has spent a good part of her career designing tiny spaces. Here, we visit the sixth arrondisement Paris apartment of Alain Meyer who manages to get every need met in a space the size of a bedroom.


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Somehow, this snug little apartment manages to feel roomy in its tininess, colorful, despite its sober and restrained use of color, and elegant while packing in plenty of practicality. Let’s take a look:

Below we get a view of the entryway leading into the main area. By painting the entry hall a bright yellow ochre, the vestibule is set apart, and has a certain amount of drama. The bright pop of color adds an unexpected note to a room that is otherwise outfitted in dark gray, navy and white. Note how coat hooks on painted tree branches add a note of sauciness and practicality.

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When you’ve got a very small footprint, one very simple and effective way to provide definition and depth without taking up valuable floor space is by the clever use of paint. The designer has created  “divisions” in the very small space by using paint to great effect. A navy blue wall sets off the study area, for example, just as the yellow ochre defined the entrance way. Floating bookshelves and a floating desk are another practical note that take up no floor space at all.

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Below, a navy blue kitchen area defines that space and provides a sense of depth. The blue feels elegant, refined, and unexpected in such a small space.

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One other clever design trick is the use of streamlined leggy furniture that allows your eyes to see floor space, thereby minimizing apparent bulk.

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Using small patterns, the slim-lined stripe on the chair, the small check on the rug, as well as small art on the wall, keeps the room from feeling bulky or heavy.


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The bathroom carries on with the same restraint and color choices as the main room. Classic white subway tile keeps things simple and elegant.

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And another detail view here:

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Want to see more? Check out  Marianne’s blog.


(Image credits: AD Russia; Marianne Evennou)

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