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Scrupulously Spartan Gem on Ibiza

1 architecture

Is this heavenly place some kind of a Shangri La?

51 architecture

Here, all cares are cast aside.

Just blue skies, and blue waters.

31 architecture

Its pure and simple shapes and materials – just white stucco and black slate – are as soothing and refreshing as an island vacation.

81 architecture

The crispest purity of line is a perfect mind-emptying device.

91 architecture

Interiors mix white stucco, black slate floor and ancient, heavy rustic timber tables.

14 architecture

The black slate is simply continued up the wall in the clean lined bathrooms, for water resistance.

15 architecture

Its bold and stark shapes seem as eternal as its site.

101 architecture

A life lived here would surely have a truly epic quality.

111 architecture

Here you would feel that you alone on the planet are enjoying such views.

13 architecture

You and five others, that is.

17 architecture

Upstairs the house accommodates six in three ensuite master bedrooms.

16 architecture

The spacious public floor plan is geared to relaxation.

121 architecture

It is a blissfully meditative design that perfectly suits the site.

61 architecture

Serenity made manifest.

22 architecture

Gorgeous views surround the AIBS House.

71 architecture

Sited in the middle of nowhere, however, AABE architects do say: “in stormy weather it has a striking and tormented air about it.”

41 architecture

The house is sited in an extremely isolated part of the island, with no neighbors on its horizons.

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