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Happy Home for a Young Family in New Zealand’s North Island

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The Brick Bay House has an unusual trellis facade in front of the windows.

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This louvered frame to the walkway gallery provides shade in the summer and protection in the winter.

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The house was designed by Glamuzina Paterson Architects for a young family of five in Snell’s Beach.

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The clients wanted a house that had a relaxed feeling of connection to its rural surroundings, and followed the land contour.

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Firmly dug into the earth and designed as a relaxed L plan, it has public spaces on one end, and bedrooms on the other.

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At the far end of the public L, a built-in barbecue fireplace allows for outdoor cooking on balmy summer evenings.

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The north deck opens to the east and west allowing afternoon sun to penetrate the living areas.

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With the floor to ceiling windows open, a breezy kitchen feels almost as ‘outdoors’ as the barbecue seen through the living room.

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Altogether a very friendly and relaxed family home.

114 architecture

Local New Zealand timbers were used throughout, and milled for the project, here forming a feature wall/headboard for the master bedroom.

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Macrocarpa wood, that will weather naturally to a warm grey, was used in the board and batten that wraps the house.

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Waste was dealt with on site with sawdust used for the garden and farm, and off-cuts for firewood and furniture.

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A walkway along the front connects to the bedroom wing.

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The bedrooms follow the gentle hill down the side of the section.

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The porch enclosures and the open living space were sited to frame views to the north and the east, towards Kawau Bay.

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A straightforward and pleasant house where a growing young family can enjoy the good life.

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