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Seaside Stone Cottages Joined by Glass Entry-Stairwell

stone cottage1 architecture

Here’s a surprise.

A pair of ancient stone cottages on Ireland’s rugged coast are linked by a glass stairway to build a brisk and refreshing family nest.

stone cottages9 architecture

In this renovation from Dublin based architecture firm Peter Legge Associates, a pair of dilapidated cottages have a glass entry connecting the two into one larger home.

stone cottage2 architecture

Cool Irish daylight now rakes the stones on the new interior wall created by the all glass stairwell.

stone cottages3 architecture

You would feel incongruously warm entering this glass space, as you “walk through” the outdoor rolling grassy and rugged coastal landscape.

The sun warming the polished concrete floor through the glass creates the thermal sink effect.

stone cottages4 architecture

The interior is now cosy and fresh with thick, new, well insulated drywall.

Logs warm under a simple and sweet no-frills fireplace and hearth.

stone cottages5 architecture

While the retrofitted kitchen is very simple – it is efficient and workable.

stone cottages6 architecture
Similarly, a spartan bedroom is what you might expect in a stone cottage, but this one is airy and disarmingly organized.

stone cottages7 architecture

An accordian-folding glass wall to the the newly renovated dining room seems a surprising touch for a climate that wouldn’t seem to lend itself to the al fresco life-style.

stone cottages8 architecture

But the open wall brings in plenty of green-grass and sea spray fresh Irish air on the coastal view side of the pair of cottages.

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