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Serenbe Reinvents a Traditional Walkable Community in The South

Serenby2 architecture
Taking a step back to an earlier time, Serenbe’s lovely sustainable community of new old houses is designed to provide a 21st century green masterplan that skips the strip-mall suburban horror of 20th century design and simply takes us back to our founding era. At least for
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In the plan, growth is concentrated in designated villages in a mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly manner that both fosters a sense of community and protects green space while preserving the rural, agricultural atmosphere distinct to the area.

Just 220 houses form the heart of a 40,000 acre protected green space that calls for a settlement of cottages designed to flow with the terrain.

Serenby4 architecture
The tiny development includes live/work spaces like the pair on the main downtown street here. Buildings are buildings designed to allow the development of small local cottage industries. Tree clearing is limited to only those trees necessary to make room for building and many are transplanted to elsewhere within the community.

Each house is built to the sustainability standards of the  Earthcraft House Program gan Atlanta-based residential green building program of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association designed to encourage builders to build sustainably enough to certify as ENERGY STAR.

Serenby3 architecture
These standards include energy efficiency, low maintenance, air quality, water conservation in a drought region, and resource-efficient building materials and systems designed to make a healthy, comfortable home that reduces utility bills and protects the environment.

Grey water recycling uses inexpensive reuse water techniques, naturally treated effluent water is recycled and used for irrigation, disturbing the natural landscape as little as possible.

With no concrete spillways to concentrate storm runoff, Serenbe storm water runoff is directed into natural systems of vegetated filter strips and shallow channels of dense vegetation. These natural filters remove pollutants while dispersing water flow.

Serenby1 architecture
Food is grown on-site at a 25 acre working organic farm that also supplies organic produce to the surrounding Chattahoochee Hill Country.

Source: Serenbe

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