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Sleek Interiors Define Bold Haus

hausbold1 architecture

The  German architect Thomas Bendel has created an extraordinary house. This gorgeous bathroom is directly adjacent to the exterior of the House with a screen that allows you to look out while protecting the privacy of the bather against anyone looking in.

hausbold2 architecture
Wrapping the front and side, this tubular house shell is made of precast concrete, while the facade and the back of the house are made of glass and black anodized aluminum.

hausbold3 architecture
In the guest rooms a highly polished floor is introduced, in which the landscape is reflected.

hausbold5 architecture
There is a view of the hilly landscape from the back of the house.

hausbold4 architecture
Wall to wall closets define the space in the living room. Appearing as a blank wall, the  uniform-seeming surface is actually closets rhythmically intersected by black oak joints.

hausbold6 architecture
The interior includes a minimalists steel handrail, which climbs the long staircase and wraps around to elegantly turn into the balustrade above.

Architect Thomas Bendel

Via Space Invading

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  1. mee3 Says:

    Bunker or house?!

    Seriously though, I grew up in a house in Germany (Lower Saxony) that used naked concrete extensively as a design feature that was built in the mid 80s. We were glad to be out of there, very depressing.

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