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Sleek and Glamorous Beach House in South Africa

contemporary coastal1 architecture
This luxurious seaside house on Bantry Bay in Cape Town, South Africa comes to us from Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA).

contemporary coastal2 architecture

Unlike many beach houses or coastal houses, there is no bringing nature in, in this house.

contemporary coastal3 architecture

On the contrary.

Refined and chic, its sophisticated glossy interiors are the antithesis of the coastal scrub outside.

contemporary coastal8 architecture

But ‘interior’ is a relative term.

Sliding floor-to-ceiling glass walls completely open each of three floors creating an open air living space.

contemporary coastal9 architecture

Its terraces cantilever out over the romantic outdoor rooms into the gigantic view beyond.

contemporary coastal4 architecture

The entrance has a subtle zen-like charm with a cool and sophisticated grey stone facade.

contemporary coastal5 architecture

This leads directly into the stunning view.

contemporary coastal6 architecture

Using only shiny surfaces; glass and marble, SAOTA gives this family home a sophistication that is unusual in a seaside house.

contemporary coastal7 architecture

The result, a family home that is perfect for entertaining – an instant resort.

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