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Sophisticated Tropical Beach House in Australia

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The gorgeous Tennyson Point Residence in Sydney, Australia has a common problem.

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Like so many houses in the suburbs, the views to the sides needed to be reduced somewhat.

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CplusC Architectural Workshop solved it with an giant wooden “bonnet” that shades the view out to the coast.

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This double height wooden structure is supported on steel struts.

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These giant struts also help to define the huge exterior spatial volume.

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This huge shading device also protects the viewer from the harsh antipodean sunlight.

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This wood used is a sensuous rich dark Australian hardwood.

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It’s also used in cladding the street side of the house. 

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Creating an intermediary dark outdoor space between the house and the view also protects the eyes.

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And a dark outdoor “room” offers another antidote to Australia’s merciless sun.

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And the outdoor room offers a contrast with the gleaming white interior, making a third space interceding between the house and the view.

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The same rich wood is also used in cladding throughout, softening the effect of the prefab panels used in cladding the house.

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By contrast, once in to the cool interior, smooth limestone tiles cool a bathroom.

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And the gleaming white expanses throughout the kitchen offers a refreshing and cool change of pace.

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Altogether a tropical sophistication that is not usually found in a beach house.

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