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A Soft Wooden House Soaks up the Sky’s Light

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Like many buildings in Japan, this wooden house in Aichi is closely surrounded by neighbouring buildings with neither light nor views to the sides.

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So mA-style Architects added skylights around each side of the flat roof.

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To create light and a feeling of space, filtered light is brought down and bounced off the perimeter walls.

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Interestingly, the skylight is not the entire roof, but just the perimeter.

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And even this perimeter filters the light with the beams.

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The result is an extraordinary amount of filtered light creating a spacious and pleasant dwelling.

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Changing light conditions reveal a constantly changing pattern of dappled light coming down through the ceiling.

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The rooms are enclosed boxes within the larger space, more like buildings in a small village than a house.

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The sense of being within a village is enhanced by the wide openings to the exterior, more like a village lane than a corridor.

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But huge sliding doors enclose these “village lanes.”

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Some rooms are sited around the outside perimeter, but because of the open space, their apparent size is much larger.

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Some rooms are accessed by ladders.

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The very few tiny windows reveal just how difficult the surrounding site is, and by contrast, what a successful solution this is.

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Maybe in solving this problem of lack of views or light due to overcrowded cities; Japanese architects have stumbled on  a revolution in the side window orientation we expect in houses.

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Outdoors, we are used to daylight from above, not from the sides. Why not in our homes?

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