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Strange, Super-Vertical NYC Retrofit with a Tiny Footprint

Specht Harpman4 architecture

Here’s a sleek loft in a teeny Manhattan apartment that makes interesting use of the tiny space.

Specht Harpman1 architecture

Much taller than it is wide, the attic space represented one of the most unusual design challenges faced by Specht Harpman Architects.

Specht Harpman2 architecture

It’s difficult to overcome the sense of oppression in a very small space with a disproportionately high ceiling.

Specht Harpman11 architecture

The poky but tall space was the attic at the top of a six story building.

Specht Harpman5 architecture

As the architects describe it, there was nowhere you could reasonably put a couch or a bed in the original space, even though it was 25 feet tall in places.

14 architecture

Yet they succeeded in creating this restful living space for a generous seating system and a bed!

How did they manage it?

Specht Harpman7 architecture

Stairs play a key role. The kitchen is lower than the living room, so a waist height workbench in the kitchen wraps around a cabinet to become a low hearth coffee table height in the living room.

Specht Harpman9 architecture

The result is that from the kitchen, you look up a few stairs at the living room.

Specht Harpman8 architecture

And in the other direction, the bathroom is another few steps down from the kitchen.

Specht Harpman10 architecture

The two full staircases (to the bedroom, and to the roof) are the storage space – but of course you knew that. Putting the storage under the stairs is Space Saving 101.

Specht Harpman3 architecture

The very high ceiling means that the view from the bed is a long view – so rare in midtown Manhattan apartments – but that long view is straight up to the ceiling! Strange, and unique.

Specht Harpman1 architecture

A high loft bed, with the view looking down, might have been the more well-trod path here.

Specht Harpman6 architecture

But the effect of this very unusual choice could be curiously restful, even meditative. What do you think?

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