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A Self-sufficient Luxury Private Island Resort in Fiji

Laucala Island

On the northeast coast of Fiji’s Taveuni is an unusual luxury resort, set on a private island undisturbed for centuries.

Laucala Island7 architecture

Its design is in the traditional South Pacific Island vernacular – but with a twist.

Laucala1 architecture

The influence of the influx of the Indian immigration to Fiji can be seen in the decor.

Laucala Island11 architecture

The intermingling of India’s spicy earthy architecture moderates the traditional Pacific resort style.

Laucala Island3 architecture

The warm tones of a mud wall hut makes a relaxing earthy outdoor bathroom with a subtle Indian influence.

Laucala Island6 architecture

Chairs are placed facing northwest, seemingly looking back towards India out of sight beyond the horizon.

Laucala Island5 architecture

The earthy resort blends the design signature of both cultures.

Laucala Island8 architecture

Robinson Crusoe-like, the isolated jungle getaway is completely self sufficient.

Laucala Island4 architecture

More than a thousand different animals: cows, pigs, goats and poultry provide the food used on the island – all prepared from scratch in-house.

Laucala Island

Surrounding the huts, two hundred and forty acres of farmland grow crops such as coffee, cocoa, vanilla, pepper, teas and tropical fruits and vegetables.

Fiji's Laucala Island

All the soaps and lotions used in the spa are also made on the island, from herbs grown in the spa garden and animal products such as pig fat and beeswax.

Laucala Island2 architecture

But a stay in this self-sufficient paradise doesn’t come cheap.

Prices for this luxurious setting start at $3,800 a night.

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