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Studio Peizhu and The Cai Guoqlang Courtyard House

studiopeizhu thecaiguoqlangcourtyardhouse 1 architecture

Studio Peizhu is a Chinese design and architectural company who renovate many old,  sometimes even crumbling buildings into modern livable spaces.

Although of course they have many previous projects and many new ones on the go, this post will focus on one particular building: The Cai Guoqlang Courtyard House.

The Cai Guoqlang Courtyard House project is unusual in that there are images available that show the cycle of the development of the project from start to finish.

studiopeizhu thecaiguoqlangcourtyardhouse 3 architecture

studiopeizhu thecaiguoqlangcourtyardhouse 4 architecture

The house itself was created by Studio Peizhu on request from a well known Chinese artist who wanted an interesting place to live and work in Beijing.

The company website of Studio Peizhu describes succinctly what the plan at the start of the project was:

“This residence for an artist calls for the restoration of a historically significant classical Chinese siheyuan courtyard house and a new building within it’s compounds.”

As with any restoration that takes place in a major city the project was not without it’s problems and issues:

“This project was particularly challenging because of its site: situated very close to the center of the city. The addition has to be sensitive to it’s external surroundings, hutong neighborhood and internal courtyard configuration”

studiopeizhu thecaiguoqlangcourtyardhouse 2 architecture

studiopeizhu thecaiguoqlangcourtyardhouse 8 architecture

studiopeizhu thecaiguoqlangcourtyardhouse 7 architecture

studiopeizhu thecaiguoqlangcourtyardhouse 5 architecture

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    I love the inspiration on these published projects. How can we get-in and participate with the work we are doing out here in the Northwest?

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